Cloudinary Media Integration Widget


You can use a magnolia field in any dialog:

   implementationClass: info.magnolia.ui.javascript.form.FormViewWithChangeListener
        label: Cloudinary Image
        $type: cloudinaryWidgetField

After opening magnolia dialog and clicking on select image button, you should be presented with cloudinary widget select dialog. Please see the screenshot below:

cloudinary image


You must first modify your server url in Admincentral.

Under config/server you have to change the defaultBaseUrl property to point your own instance and contextRoot.

To use this module you need to have an existing Cloudinary account.

From your cloudinary account, you need the following:

  • cloudName

  • apiKey

  • username

  • apiSecret

This information needs to be entered in passwords app, under the /cloudinary/default folder. Please check screenshot below:

cloudinary account admincentral

You can override default account settings by providing user specific settings.

Put user specific account under the magnolia username. Please check the screenshot below:

cloudinary account admincentral override

After installing this module hides cloudinary dam app. To be able to still use cloudinary dam app you need to manually enable it. The easiest way to enable cloudinary dam app is from resources app. Go to resources app and navigate to "/cloudinary-media-widget-integration/decorations/dam-app-core/apps/dam.subApps.cloudinaryBrowser.yaml" file. Edit file and set "hidden" property to "false". Check image below:

cloudinary dam app enable

Additional info

When this module is installed, module will hide Cloudinary Assets Subapp and Cloudinary content in Choose dialog by default.

  • To enable Cloudinary Assets Subapp please set property closable to true for cloudinaryBrowser subapp in dam configuration yaml.

  • To enable Cloudinary content in Assets Choose dialog set property showCloudinaryContentInChooseApp to true for cloudinary-media-widget-integration module configuration yaml.

For the decorations to work consistently, you will need to add the following in your light modules:
version: 1.0
    version: 1.0/*
    version: 1.0/*




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