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Deploying sites as a collection of static files on CDN is an increasingly popular way to deploy headless projects. It makes sites very performant, scalable and secure.

Magnolia brings a great authoring experience to static site creation. Authors can have a live WYSIWYG visual authoring experience, with instant updates. While developers can still enjoy a fully headless workflow with static site generation.

Jamstack Resources

Visual SPA Editor

Allows content authors to edit your SPA. They can choose, place, move & delete whatever components you make available. You can add the feature progressively to your existing app - just in the regions that your want.

Check out more here:


Demo projects for React, Angular, Vue, Next.js SSR and Next.js SSG.

Website SPA Demo

A demo project for a realistic website scenario. React.

Next.js WYSIWYG Docs

Demonstrates interactive live visual editing which can be published to a static site.

Check out more here:

Gatsby WYSIWYG Live Editing Demo

Demonstrates interactive live visual editing which can be published to a static site.

Consider going through the Headless docs | Hello Magnolia - SPA tutorial to really get hands-on.

Magnolia Incubator Modules

Incubator Modules are developed by the Magnolia Professional Services department to meet customer requirements.

Webhooks module

Automatically trigger REST requests based on actions of content authors and marketers.

Netlify Integration module

Content authors and marketers can trigger one or several sites to be rebuilt and deployed after a page has been published.





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