3.x release


Released on October 9, 2023.

In this release, we fixed a bug that caused an error when i18n was enabled.

  • LIVECOPY-416 LiveCopyMultiSiteI18nAuthoringSupport causes an error when opening apps


Released on September 26, 2023.

This bug-fixing release solves the issue where the copies contained an extra node instead of being created with the same structure.

  • LIVECOPY-411 Wrong structure created when pushing to more than one copy


Released on August 21, 2023.

This is a bug-fixing release to fix an issue where despite the Automatic Relink being chosen, the internal links inside the switchable link were relinked to the master instead of the copy. Another issue was a bug that was showing a misleading soft lock notification once a user added a component.

  • LIVECOPY-406 Livecopy triggers missleading content soft lock notification

  • LIVECOPY-408 Relink action doesn’t work for switchable field inside a complex structure


Released on July 5, 2023.

This is a bug-fixing release to resolve an issue that was preventing the changes on the child pages to be reflected when pushed from the master page.

  • LIVECOPY-383 Protecting component fields disables all child nodes from livecopy pushes


Released on October 18, 2022.

In this release, we have further improved the push functionality so that relinking and complex fields are handled better. Specifically, Live Copy 3.2.10 fully supports the protection of complex fields in separate internationalized live copies.


  • LIVECOPY-336 Pushing changes to copies doesn’t perform relinks correctly

  • LIVECOPY-335 Complex fields with Internalisation are not protected correctly

    Fields that were protected already remain protected in this new version of Live Copy. However, now you can take advantage of the new code for complex fields. If a complex field is protected already, first unprotect it and then protect it again to enable the new code. Remember that you must protect complex fields for all languages, for example, both on the English and German versions of the page.
  • LIVECOPY-310 Relink doesn’t work for compositeField, switchableField and MultiField fields


Released on August 18, 2022.

In this release, we have improved the push functionality so that even live copies moved out of the root will reflect changes made on the master.


  • LIVECOPY-317 Maintain push functionality when moving a Livecopy out of ROOT


Released on April 19, 2022.

This is primarily a bug fixing release with one improvement to make the relinking of pages easier when creating a live copy.


  • LIVECOPY-306 New option to automatically relink pages when a live copy is created

    See for yourself!

    Automatically relink

Bug fixes

  • LIVECOPY-307 Template annotations endpoint broken in combination with Live Copy

  • LIVECOPY-297 Create Live Copy files in combination with Magnolia Forms module

  • LIVECOPY-309 Wrong ordering of slave components

  • LIVECOPY-298 LiveCopyUtils#getMasterNode spams the Log if called on none Live Copy Node

  • LIVECOPY-305 Cannot protect inner fields of a multifield if PropertyNameDecorator is configured

  • LIVECOPY-308 Protect a multifield attributes does not work well


Released on December 13, 2021.

This bug fixing release also brings the following improvements:


Bug fixes

  • Relink doesn’t work for links outside of website workspace. LIVECOPY-296


Released on September 23, 2021.

This bug fixing release also brings the following improvements:


  • Node names are now protected (propertiesToIgnore added) from master content change pushes. LIVECOPY-290

  • Improved protection of the MultiValueField field. LIVECOPY-283

  • Field transformers are checked before relinking. LIVECOPY-282

Bug fixes

  • Updating a child page makes the parent page appear as updated. LIVECOPY-222

  • Live copy workflows have invalid markup leading to log errors. LIVECOPY-252

  • The defaultLocale property affects the selected language in the Pages app. LIVECOPY-266

  • Protecting fields in a Switchable Field does not work. LIVECOPY-281

  • Protect button does not work correctly if a locale is the default in a live copy tree but not the master default. LIVECOPY-288


Released on August 9, 2021.

This release comes with a hot fix for version 3.2.4, which you may skip and update directly to version 3.2.5.

This is the recommended version for use with Magnolia 6.2.11.

This bug fixing release also brings the following improvements:


  • Relinking is now supported for links added via the Page Properties dialog. LIVECOPY-267

  • Show master reference of component on a tooltip. LIVECOPY-270

  • Improve performance for push and relink. LIVECOPY-230

Bug fixes

  • Variants are not published. LIVECOPY-237

  • Exception in relink if content does not matching definition. LIVECOPY-256

  • LiveCopy changes the user and timestamp of unedited pages. LIVECOPY-258

  • Two live copies in the same tree are not working. We have disabled some actions (Duplicate page, Copy page and Paste page) for live copies. LIVECOPY-260

  • RichText fields and MultiValueCompositeLinkField are automatically protected. LIVECOPY-263

  • Relink action doesn’t work for a link in switchableField. LIVECOPY-272

  • Relink action doesn’t work for linkField in area. LIVECOPY-273

  • MultiValueCompositeLinkField, MultiValueLinkField cannot relink in StandardRewirePageLinksHelper. LIVECOPY-275

  • MultiValueCompositeLinkField cannot relink in CompatibilityRewirePageLinksHelper. LIVECOPY-276

  • MultiValueCompositeRichTextField, MultiValueRichTextField cannot relink in StandardRewirePageLinksHelper. LIVECOPY-277

  • MultiValueCompositeRichTextField, MultiValueRichTextField cannot relink in CompatibilityRewirePageLinksHelper. LIVECOPY-278


Released on March 31, 2021.

Bug fixing release:

  • Publishing does not set the userName property on the task. LIVECOPY-246

  • Push action dialog ignores autoRewire property value. LIVECOPY-247


Released on March 3, 2021.

Bug fixing release:


Released on January 28, 2021.

This bug fixing release also brings full compatibility with Magnolia 6.2.6 and the following improvement:

Protect fields per language

You can protect a field in one language and not another using the language switcher and then clicking on the protect field icon. For example if you want to protect the German version of a given field and not the English version, you switch to German and protect the field. When you switch back to English, the field is not protected.

Bug fix: Link fields inside composite fields are not relinked to live copy pages

Links inside composite fields were not being relinked to the live copy pages correctly and continued to point to the master pages. Now, when you click Relink all pages to live copy pages, they are relinked correctly.


Released on August 26, 2020

This release brings full compatibility with Magnolia 6.2.2 and the new UI framework as well as some new functionality and improvements:


  • LIVECOPY-108 - Open the Master Page from a live copy

  • LIVECOPY-42 - Add a open as new window button for each page in the ReferencedPagesField

  • LIVECOPY-44 - Show if the referenced page has page variations in the ReferencedPagesField

  • LIVECOPY-145 - When I delete Master, LC still shows link to (and actions) to Master

  • LIVECOPY-149 - Locking the component when using the Relink live copy function should be optional

  • LIVECOPY-150 - Only push master content pages to specific pages

  • LIVECOPY-151 - When pushing master content changes users can auto publish content

  • LIVECOPY-159 - Fields under composite/switchable/multi fields are protected independently from the parent field

  • LIVECOPY-190 - Change the color of a partially protected component (only certain fields are disabled)

Bug fixes

  • LIVECOPY-171 - Protect/unprotect complex fields

  • LIVECOPY-194 - Push master content changes position of component order

  • LIVECOPY-195 - Enable/disable updates for component does not update the detail page


Released on August 20, 2020.

This release provides the following bug fixes:

  • LIVECOPY-173 - Push master content changes position of component order

  • LIVECOPY-178 - NPE is thrown when attempting to create a live copy from page

  • LIVECOPY-217 - Live Copy relink does not work

  • LIVECOPY-218 - ItemNotFound exception when pushing master content changes


Released on November 13, 2019.


Released on July 5, 2019.

Live Copy is now a Special Features module. Live Copy helps you manage complex multisite installations that share similar content by creating live copies of master sites.

These are legacy versions of Live Copy, previously available in the Magnolia Professional Services Incubator.


Updated for Magnolia 6.0 compatibility.


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