Live Copy FAQs


Does editing a live copy affect the master?

No. Live Copy is one directional, meaning that pushes are only from master to the live copies and not the other way around.

Do all changes made on master impact all live copies?

No. You can protect certain components and fields within a Live Copy. For more on this, see Protect content from master content changes.

Can Live Copy be used via a headless approach?

Yes, Live Copy is headless-ready and can be used in any approach, classical or headless.


Are live copies language versions?

No, live copies are not equivalent to language versions. The master site must contain all content (main language + language versions), and the live copies are instances of the entire tree.

How does the translation workflow happen?

Translations have to be done in the master and pushed to the respective live copies.

Can we restrict access for editors depending on the locale?

Access to the live copies can be restricted to specific users (e.g., your Spanish editors accessing the ES Live Copy, your German editors accessing the DE Live Copy and so on). However, since the translation of the content takes place in the master site, content creators need access to it. If you want to further restrict access within the master site so that specific languages can be accessed by specific roles, we have developed an Language Availability module to help with that.