Using Live Copy

Live Copy enables you to create one or more copies of a master website. The master can be an entire site, a sub-tree or just a single page.

Because the copies created remain linked to the master version, any changes you make to the master version can be pushed to the copies too.

If you want some of your content in the copied sites to be different, you can add new, local content or protect the initial content copied over from further changes and edit it to suit your requirements.

As a lot of content can be copied and linked, a single wrong action can have a negative impact on a big part of your website.

Plan your content structure in detail before using Live Copy.

Useful terms

There are some specific terms used in the context of live copy:

  • Master - The original source of the content you copy.

  • Live copy - A copy of the master produced by clicking the Create live copy action. Initially, a live copy is a simple replica of the master.

  • Relink - When you create a Live Copy site, its links still point to the Master site. To point the links to your Live copy site, use the Relink action.

  • Push - Sends changes made in the Master version to the Live Copy versions without publishing the affected pages.

  • Push and publish - Like the Push action but also triggers the publication workflow for the affected pages. Note that your content is not actually published, depending on your publication workflow; the process is only initiated.

Good to know before you start

There are a couple of things regarding pushing content to live copies and managing their associated links that are good to know before starting.

  • Suppose you delete content in a live copy without protecting it from master content changes. In that case, the deleted content will be added again when the master content is pushed. One workaround is to add a no rendering option to the respective master component using an if condition in its FTL file (example shown below).

    [#if "${content.headline}" != "hide"]
    <div class="card">
        [#assign myAsset = damfn.getAsset("jcr","/6-2_good-to-knows.jpg")!]
        [#if myAsset??]
            <img src="${myAsset.getLink()}" width="300px"/>
        <p class="artwork_title">${content.text}</p>
        [#assign myAssetLink = damfn.getAssetLink("jcr:20f53452-7e37-4e1b-b10d-c085a703809d")!]
        <p class="webapp_link">${myAssetLink}</p>
        <p class="webapp_link">${content.pageLink}</p>
  • If you copy a component from one page to another, please remember that any associated link will still point to the page it was linked to before the copy.

Deleting the master

If you delete the master, a warning appears to confirm deletion. The warning gives a list of linked pages that may be affected. Once the master is deleted, any of its previously created live copies can then be used as masters.