Create a Live Copy

To create a live copy:

  1. Open the Pages app.

  2. Select the site/tree/page you want to copy.

  3. Click Create live copy in the action bar.

  4. Choose a location for the live copy in the Choose page location dialog.

  5. Optionally, you can clear the default Automatically relink checkbox. However, in most cases, having links in the live copy site point to target links within it and not to the master site is what you want.

    Automatically relink by default

    Relinking can also be done on the Pages app’s action bar via the Relink all pages to live copy pages action or when new changes are pushed.
  6. Finally, create a matching site definition for your freshly created live copy site.

In the Live Copy column of the Pages app, the two sites are indicated using an icon:

Master Live Copy



Note that the newly created live copy site follows the same naming conventions as the standard copy action. For example, if your master site is named travel, then the new live copy site is named travel0, if it is called Route-66, then the live copy is named Route-67.

We recommend you rename the live copy site.


You can copy just a sub-tree or a single page instead of a whole site.

You have to select the correct location for the copy in the chooser. Initially the choice is limited to the root.

If you have several existing live copies and are copying a new subpage from the master, for example, you have more locations available.

Creating live copy subpages

If you have added a new page to a master site, you must create a live copy of the new page so that its equivalent exists in the live copy site before you can push master changes to it.

Good to know

Newly created pages are not added automatically to a live copy upon pushing master changes.

If several live copies of a master exist, when you create a live copy of the subpage(s), you can choose where to locate the new subpage live copy.

The live copy or copies are created in each location specified.