Manage links in Live Copy

Typically, your master site contains links that are internal to the master site. The links in your newly created live copy site can point either to that master content or to the pages within the copy site you have created.

Make sure the corresponding pages in the live copy exist so that the links can be relinked within the live copy.

When you choose to Create live copy of your site, the Choose page location dialog appears and in the lower corner of which there is a Automatically relink checkbox that is checked by default. This means that all the links in your live copy site point to content contained in live copy pages. Unchecking the box would mean you want your live copy links to go to the content that is on the master site.

Automatically relink checkbox

If you uncheck the box, but later down the road you decide that you do want to redirect the links from the master content to the live copy one, you can use the Relink all pages to live copy pages.

To do so, select the live copy site in your Pages app and click the Relink all pages to live copy pages.

Relink all pages to live copy pages

In the Relink all pages popup that appears, you have the option of disabling updates from master on components that are relinked. This means that the relinked live copy pages are protected from being overwritten when new content is pushed from the master. The relinked components appear as locked in the live copy pages. For example:

Lock content in the live copy pages

Links in the page properties (added via the Page Properties dialog) are relinked too.


For compatibility fields (before 6.2.3) that still use (deprecated) transformer classes, only the following default transformers are supported:

  • Composite field: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.transformer.composite.CompositeTransformer

  • Switchable field: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.transformer.composite.SwitchableTransformer

  • Multivalue field: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.transformer.multi.MultiValueTransformer

  • Multivalue composite field: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.transformer.multi.MultiValueSubChildrenNodePropertiesTransformer

For example, if you have a link field inside a composite field, the relink function only works if the composite field’s transformer class is CompositeTransformer.