Manage translations with Live Copy

You can use Live Copy to manage translations. Live Copy isn’t intended to act as the translation service itself, but rather a way to manage translations from a single master source whereby local editing teams can then edit in their respective live copies.

To manage translations, local editors need permission to access the master site granted by the global team.

Translation considerations

Translations can be made faster by using our translation support modules including Content Translation Support module and Content Translation Extended module.

Translations must be made at the master level. If a local editor (someone working on a live copy of the master) wants to make changes, they should be sure to protect the translation text or values.

See protecting content from master changes for more on protecting localized content.
Translating large amounts of content in the live copy child page can cause serious issues since translations happen at master and should be pushed from master to child page.

Restrict access to live copies

An author can have editing rights to the German version of live copy, but when it comes to the master, they only have view rights by default.

Access to the live copies can be restricted to specific users (e.g., your Spanish editors accessing the ES live copy, your German editors accessing the DE live copy and so on).

For example, since installing the Language Availability enables a local editor to have access to only their language on master site, a Spanish editor with editing right to their Spanish live copy would also have access to the Spanish ES language on Master - not only as a viewer but also as an editor.

This means that since the translation of the content takes place in the master site, content creators need access to it. If you want to further restrict access within the master site so that specific languages can be accessed by specific roles, we have developed an Language Availability module to help with that.


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