PaaS alerts provide a closer look at the status of your cluster.

There are three categories of alerts:

Subscribe to alerts

You can subscribe to alerts through your user preferences.

When an alert status changes (e.g., becomes active or inactive), you’ll receive 1 email for each alert update.
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Active alerts

As it sounds, active alerts are those alerts that are currently active for your cluster and should be seen to.

active alerts

Pending alerts

Pending alerts means that at least one time series returned by the evaluation engine is Pending.

pending alerts

Inactive alerts

Inactive alerts are alerts that have already occurred. This is more for information purposes.

inactive alerts

Alerts types

The following are the current alerts for PaaS.

Alert Description


Magnolia container has been OOMKilled at least once in the last 10 minutes.


Magnolia instance has not been running for at least the last 30 minutes.


Magnolia service has application errors (503) for the last 5 minutes.


Magnolia author instance average response time for 90% of requests is more than 2 seconds for the last 15 minutes.

This also covers CustomerMagnoliaPublicSlowResponse.

Magnolia public instance average response time for 90% of requests is more than 800 milliseconds for the last 15 minutes


The node in a customer cluster is under heavy memory pressure. The available memory is under 5% and there is a high rate of major page faults.


The filesystem on a <customer> cluster has less than 1% space available.


The filesystem on a customer cluster has less than 30% space available and is projected to be full within 8 hours.


A database persistent volume used by Magnolia on a customer cluster has less than 1% space available. You may not be able to successfully add or publish content to the Magnolia instance.


A Magnolia home persistent volume on a <customer cluster> has less than 10% space available. You should try removing search indexes on the affected persistent volume to free up space.


The certificate for a host/ingress on a customer cluster is expiring in 14 days.


Tomcat is using more than 20% of its thread pool for the last 10 minutes.


Magnolia instance is being restarted frequently by Kubernetes.


The central backup server in your cluster is not running or not responding for at least 1 hour. Backups may not be saved.


A service running on your production cluster is returning errors (5xx) for more than 10% of requests for the last 10 minutes.





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