Your Magnolia PaaS Subscription section contains important information about your deployment’s SLAs. Currently, this includes information on uptime and usage.

The thresholds defined for SLAs may vary from customer to customer.
subscription overview


The Subscription tab shows the Uptime and Usage for your Magnolia PaaS deployment.

Select your Cluster and Component to display your subscription’s SLA metrics.

This is found at the top of the Subscription page.

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Uptime is the measurement of your Magnolia PaaS website’s availability to your end users.

This is calculated by (total availability of the site * 100)/time = uptime

You can see the uptime for the:

  • Last 30 days

  • Last 90 days

  • Last 1 hour



Usage measures the available storage, CPU, and memory available based off or your SLA-agreed threshold.

You can see the:

  • Current free storage

  • Current free CPU

  • Current free memory