Migrating from the classic to the modern App Launcher design

The new App Launcher provides a modern user interface (UI) to help you navigate Magnolia easily. As an author or developer, you can stay with the classic Magnolia UI or migrate to the modern one.

With the modern UI you can incorporate the latest grouping into your authoring or developing experience. All users can benefit from the modern App Launcher; however, some may have already customized their App Launcher layout and might not wish to change to the new groupings.

The two configuration options released in Magnolia 6.2.22 are as follows:

  • Modern: New UI and new grouping

  • Classic: New UI but no grouping update

Migrating to the modern App Launcher

Migration is possible for on-premise Magnolia installations or PaaS (Platform as a Service) subscriptions for Magnolia 6.2.22 or later.

The default configuration is set to classic/compatibility. But it is possible to use the modern configuration with new groups. To use the modern configuration, define this as a magnolia property magnolia.applauncher.config.compatibility=false in the magnolia.properties file.

The layout property defines the grouping and layout. In addition, the respective YAML syntax is different in the classic and the modern App Launcher layouts.