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The Content Types module allows defining Magnolia content types for instance in a single YAML file of a light module. By defining a custom JCR node type, workspace and namespace in a single YAML file of a light module there’s no need to deploy a WAR file or restart a Magnolia instance. Now with just a few lines of YAML code referring to the content type definition you can quickly create a content app descriptor managing the content items defined.

For complex node definitions the Content Types module also supports XML file based JCR node type definitions served as resource files from a light module.


Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



The magnolia-content-types module does not require any configuration. However, it is responsible for detection and registration of the following items:

The CND node type definition resource is loaded only if the CND resource is referenced in the Data source definition of a Content type definition.

Follow the Content Types tutorial to learn how to use Magnolia content types, create content type definitions and corresponding apps.