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Developing with Magnolia is a streamlined experience for developers, offering an array of tools that include REST APIs and migration tools. Our modular architecture simplifies customization and integration tasks, enabling developers to adapt the system seamlessly to project requirements. Our comprehensive documentation, coupled with support for popular programming languages and frameworks, ensures a smooth development process.

Our APIs facilitate communication and integration with other systems, enhancing the overall flexibility of development workflows. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on clean code practices and provides effective version control, promoting collaboration within development teams. With migration tools in place, developers can efficiently manage transitions and updates, making Magnolia an ideal choice for building and maintaining scalable digital experiences.

Developer productivity modules

Magnolia modules are shipped to you in different ways depending on your license:

  • Community Edition (CE): Modules are bundled as part of the free and open-source version.

  • DX Core: Modules are bundled as part of the DX Core enterprise product. Modules in this bundle are in addition to those in the Community Edition bundle.

  • Unbundled: Unbundled modules are those modules not included with CE or DX Core. In some cases, an additional license is required.

    For more details, see License.
Module CE DX Core Unbundled

Blossom module

Configuration Framework module

Groovy module

Resources module

REST module

REST Client module

Site module

Virtual URI module

UI Framework REST Extensions module

Webhooks module

Backend Live - Extensions for Javascript Models 2

Bitbucket module

Configuration Injection module

Hooks API module

Javascript Models

REST Proxy module

JavaScript UI module

Migration Tool module

Throttling Filter module

URI Mapping app

Version Cleaner module


DX Core



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