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Magnolia actively supports a multi-experience approach by implementing responsive design principles, enabling adaptive content delivery across diverse channels such as websites, mobile apps, and social media. We offer APIs for integration with third-party systems, fostering a unified digital presence. Magnolia facilitates personalized experiences, tailoring content based on user preferences and behaviors across various devices.

Multi-experience support modules

Magnolia modules are shipped to you in different ways depending on your license:

  • Community Edition (CE): Modules are bundled as part of the free and open-source version.

  • DX Core: Modules are bundled as part of the DX Core enterprise product. Modules in this bundle are in addition to those in the Community Edition bundle.

  • Unbundled: Unbundled modules are those modules not included with CE or DX Core. In some cases, an additional license is required.

    For more details, see License.
Module CE DX Core Unbundled

Device Detection module

Mail module

MTE module

GraphQL module

WeChat Login module


DX Core



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