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Magnolia facilitates efficient website administration and setup by providing tools for technical updates and user management. Our modular architecture enables seamless integration with various systems, allowing administrators to implement and manage technical functionalities with ease. The interface extends to our administrative features, ensuring that even complex tasks such as content updates and system configurations are intuitive and straightforward.

Our advanced user management capabilities enhance security and collaboration by providing administrators with fine-grained control over access and permissions. This comprehensive approach empowers organizations to maintain a dynamic and secure online presence while efficiently managing technical aspects and user interactions.

Administration modules

Magnolia modules are shipped to you in different ways depending on your license:

  • Community Edition (CE): Modules are included as part of the free and open-source version.

  • DX Core: Modules are included as part of the DX Core enterprise product. These modules are in addition to those in the Community Edition license where bundled.

  • Special: Some modules need their own special license as they are not included with CE or DX Core licenses. In some cases, an additional license is required.

    For more details, see License.
Module CE DX Core Unbundled

About App module

Definitions App module

UI module

UI Media Editor module

Custom CSS module

Instrumentation module


DX Core



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6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 is in beta. We are updating docs based on development and feedback. Consider the 6.3 docs currently in a state of progress and not final.

We are working on some 6.3-beta known issues during this phase.