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Our Generative AI tools offer significant advancement in content creation and management. These tools streamline the creative process, automate certain tasks, and provide innovative ways to generate and manage digital content. Features such as AI-driven image generation, content suggestions, and personalized user experiences are integrated to enhance the platform’s overall functionality. The use of generative AI tools empower users to create more engaging and dynamic content while optimizing workflows and improving efficiency within the Magnolia CMS environment.

Generative AI modules

Magnolia modules are shipped to you in different ways depending on your license:

  • Community Edition (CE): Modules are included as part of the free and open-source version.

  • DX Core: Modules are included as part of the DX Core enterprise product. These modules are in addition to those in the Community Edition license where bundled.

  • Special: Some modules need their own special license as they are not included with CE or DX Core licenses. In some cases, an additional license is required.

    For more details, see License.
Module CE DX Core Unbundled

DALL-E light module

AI Accelerator module

WordAI module


DX Core



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6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 beta

Magnolia 6.3 is in beta. We are updating docs based on development and feedback. Consider the 6.3 docs currently in a state of progress and not final.

We are working on some 6.3-beta known issues during this phase.