6.3-beta known issues

There are some known issues still being addressed during the Magnolia 6.3-beta releases.

The beta2 version of Magnolia 6.3 has been released and the issues listed on this page were known at the time of the beta2 release, on June 7, 2024.

For the latest information, see the 6.3 known issues filter.

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SSO users aren’t listed in the Author search filter

Users authenticated with SSO aren’t shown in the list of authors available in the Author search filter dropdown.

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CKEditor5 images reference compliance

CKEditor5 images are not compliant with the assetReferenceResolver.

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name property not synchronized with jcrName

During user duplication, the name property is not synchronized with jcrName.

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Search results

Generally, there are a few issues with search results. There is a discrepancy between the global search results and the results returned when searching from within the Pages or Assets apps.

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Other issues

  • ABTEST-570 UI is broken in variants tab

  • ADMINCTR-539 Property appLauncherLayout not found in class

  • ADMINCTR-540 Review app-launcher layout and group permissions for the editors group

  • ADMINCTRLG-20 Update login screen favicon and logo

  • CAMPMAN-87 Campaign Manager UI Save action displays an error message

  • CFGUI-189 Type values displayed are not in camelCase

  • DEV-2415 Major Problems about AssetCompositeIdKeyTranslator MTK

  • ECOMMERCE-649 UI is broken in ecommerce chooser

  • EXTDAM-427 Asset name should autofill when add an asset in Bynder

  • EXTDAM-448 When creating a bucket in S3 root, S3 app says it already exists

  • EXTDAM-457 Unable to access published image on S3

  • LIVECOPY-388 ClassCastException on automatic relink

  • MAGNOLIA-8530 Missing log entries when running tests

  • MAGNOLIA-8973 Composite configuration source doesn’t deduplicate definitions queried

  • MAGNOLIA-9341 Instance randomly fails after the second start

  • MAGNOLIA-9362 Queries for singular and plural in FTS and global search display different results

  • MAGNOLIA-9363 Decorating non-existing definition could break AdminCentral

  • MAGNOLIA-9372 New site behavior causes demos which try to set CORS to fail

  • MAGNOLIA-9374 Demo assets bootstrap

  • MAGNOLIA-9376 Task counter on Installing Magnolia page displays wrongly formatted number

  • MAGNOLIA-9378 Inherited site definition does not contain decorated configuration

  • MAGNOLIA-9380 Definitions app incorrectly reports major problem due to dependency problem

  • MGNLCE-395 Re-enable ResourcesFunctionalTests

  • MGNLDAM-1225 Use AttachmentStreamResource which properly normalizes filenames

  • MGNLDAM-1459 Asset appears in top left corner for two seconds

  • MGNLDAM-1462 Status column could be a little bit wider by default

  • MGNLDAM-1463 Missing i18n value for dam.jcrBrowser.actions.publishDeletion.description

  • MGNLDAM-1464 Visual mismatch between a cropped image preview and its thumbnail

  • MGNLDAM-1470 Cannot upload a single asset of size 25M and up

  • MGNLDAM-1484 EXTDAM exceptions break the Asset chooser

  • MGNLDEMO-432 The Segments app in the travel-demo is empty

  • MGNLDEMO-433 Stories app shows i18n key date.date.label instead of Date

  • MGNLDEMO-437 textImage.ftl misses an important asset-null-check

  • MGNLDIFF-149 Diff doesn’t work for site roots

  • MGNLDIFF-151 Show changes not working for headless projects

  • MGNLGQL-174 Reference to standard content type apps not working

  • MGNLPN-793 Missing translation key in personalization variant selector

  • MGNLPN-795 Preview as Visitor doesn’t show persona image or Date trait

  • MGNLREST-434 Change of a REST endpoint in Resources app doesn’t re-instance a new endpoint

  • MGNLREST-804 assetReferenceResolver returns different asset link

  • MGNLREST-805 OutputStreamWrapper class was relocated

  • MGNLSITE-215 Binary incompatibility in SiteManager causes NoSuchMethodError

  • MGNLUI-8654 Sorting doesn’t work in list view for a high amount of items

  • MGNLUI-8710 MultiField with nested composite fields needs a click to display the fields

  • MGNLUI-8785 RichText area problem while resizing

  • MGNLUI-8804 Error handling of a Throwable inside of server push results in infinite loop

  • MGNLUI-8863 Some actionbars are collapsed by default

  • MGNLUI-8872 Selected item counter in Definitions app displays totals not reflecting the selected items

  • MGNLUI-8874 Text in the hover popup for definition errors is center-aligned

  • PAGES-481 BaseApp class is used instead of PagesContentApp

  • PSWDMNGR-63 Delta update 1.2.8 not executed in 2.0 because of module name change

  • SECURITY-104 Username for the anonymous user opens empty in Security app

  • UMETRICS-41 Scheduled Job error: assuming cleaning temp files job


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