Support for Magnolia cloud customers

Need help with your cloud deployment of Magnolia? You can enter your support requests into our Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk ( You can also get very valuable help from the Cloud knowledge base, newsletter and wiki.

Helpdesk account

Magnolia clients can use their Magnolia support account to access the Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk, JIRA issue tracking system, Confluence wiki, Git version control and Nexus repository.

If you don’t have a Magnolia support account yet, please contact Magnolia Sales at and include the following information:

  • Name. Please give your personal name. Don’t use a shared account. We are happy to create two accounts if needed.

  • Company name.

  • Client name. This is needed if you are working for a client who already has a contract with Magnolia International.

  • Email address. Please provide an individual email address at your company, not a generic account such as

  • Phone number where we can reach you.

In case of emergencies, you can also create a more limited account to access only the Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk directly via the helpdesk.

Don’t change your Magnolia password in the Jira support system or the Confluence wiki. You will not be able to log in again. Use the self-service password change form instead. If you forget your password, send a message to and ask for a password reset.

Reporting an issue

What to report

Provide lots of details when reporting an issue. This allows us to help you more effectively.

  • Please report how to reproduce the problem.

  • Attach log files.

  • Append screenshots.

Where to report

You can report issues of any type and urgency through the HD portal: (use your existing LDAP account to log in).

In an emergency, you can also send an email to

Request types

When reporting an issue, choose the request type that corresponds best:

  • General – Issues here are divided into three main categories and depend on your SLA with Magnolia International:

    • Emergency situations with critical business impact such as Live environment related, Public instances down, users can’t log in, security issues.

    • Requests of significant business impact such as Publication issues, Cockpit not responding, UAT/INT environment troubleshooting any kind of problem related to a corrupted Cockpit instance or malfunctioning Magnolia code.

    • General technical support such as standard administration or development-related questions, how-to, configuration or development advice. The time spent on this type of issue is governed by the related clause of your SLA or product agreement with Magnolia International.

  • Environments – For requests regarding specific INT/UAT/Live environments, or for all of them if applicable.

  • User accounts – For any new or existing account requests, both single or bulk.

  • Others – For cloud trials, new forge requests and any miscellaneous requests that do not fit the groups above.

Exporting configuration

When reporting an issue, the more information you provide, the better we can address your issue.

If you encounter an issue in the cloud, Magnolia can access your instances to check your configuration directly. However, it is helpful to us if you provide the path to the file or configuration related to your issue and provide screenshots of the issues and times when they occurred.

If you encounter an issue when working on your local machine, we need you to collect information from your system.

There are several ways to export content, data and configuration. The most common is exporting XML.

To export XML:

  1. Right-click a node to export the node and its children.

  2. Select Export. Accept any system requests to download files containing XML.

The resulting XML file contains the node hierarchy. File name matches the path in the repository. For example, when you export Configuration > /modules/adminInterface/controls the file name is config.modules.adminInterface.controls.xml. When Magnolia Support imports the file it will recreate your node hierarchy in their Magnolia instance.

Reporting a security issue

If you find a security vulnerability in Magnolia, you can report it privately using the Cloud Helpdesk. All issues in the Helpdesk are private to Magnolia and the issue reporter.

Magnolia Support team will investigate and take appropriate action. Our goal is to keep vulnerabilities private.

We take security seriously and aim to provide patches promptly.

Making issues visible to teammates

By default, Helpdesk tickets are only visible to the reporter (you) and Magnolia International Helpdesk staff. If you want to grant your teammates access to the issue, type their account names or email addresses into the Share field.

Share request form

Following up on your issues

At any time, you can see the status of your issues by clicking Requests in the top-right corner of the Helpdesk portal.

Once a member of the Magnolia Helpdesk Team takes on your request, it switches to In Progress status. If we need more information from you, you will receive an email and the status will be changed to Waiting for customer information. To reply to us, use the Helpdesk to add your comments and attachments if needed.

Stale issues

If we do not receive feedback for a certain amount of time, an issue may be closed automatically. Once the ticket is marked as Closed, it isn’t possible to re-open it. You have to create a new one.

Maintenance mode in Magnolia cockpit

When Magnolia is conducting a support or maintenance operation requiring downtime, we switch your subscription package to maintenance mode. You can only view your package when it is in maintenance mode. A message indicating that your package is temporarily in maintenance mode is displayed in the subscription package overview page.

The Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk team will always contact you to schedule any downtime required in advance.

Cloud knowledge base

The Cloud knowledge base (KB) provides best practices and solutions to common problems you might run into while working with Magnolia Cloud.

KB articles are shown in the search results in the Cloud Helpdesk.

Forum and newsletter

You can get help from the community. Describe your issue on the forum, paste logs to a text storage service such as and link to them from your forum post. Don’t paste large amounts of text in the forum post itself. There are several free pastebin services designed specifically to store and share text online. For images, try Tinypic, imgur or any other.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. You can post questions and reach a wide community of experts.


Our community-supported wiki has technical articles and tips.


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