Hello Magnolia - Hosted Trial

Get Started with the Hosted Trial

Let’s take Magnolia for a spin. We’ll cover how to work with your new server via the provisioned git repository.

First commit

Create a directory named Magnolia-Trial on your computer to hold your work.

Go to that directory in your terminal or command prompt.

Clone your provisioned git repo:

  1. Go to your hosted git repo.(Click the link in your Dashboard)

  2. Get your clone url: Use the `Clone' item from the left menu. (It’s the 2nd one down with the arrow.)

  3. Use your clone url in your terminal:

    git clone [YOUR_CLONE_URL]

If you already have a user on the Magnolia BitBucket git repository, then you may already have a different git username stored on your system. Please consult the git documentation on how to either temporarily change your stored username, or configure a local username just for this repository. If you have trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Notice that your repository is pre-populated with a demonstration website project. You can remove it later if you want.

This repository is how you make changes to your hosted Magnolia instance.

Try it now.

  • In your editor, open: /light-modules/spa-website-lm/contentTypes/tour.yaml.

  • Change label: Description to label: Summary, and save.

  • In your terminal, `cd' into the repository directory.

    1. Commit and push your change to git.

      git commit -a -m "Changed tours label."
      git push


  • Login to your hosted Magnolia author instance, and close the Tours app if it is open. (Click the `x' in the upper right corner of the app.)

  • Now, open the Tours app, and see that your label change has been applied!

Did the app not load or you don’t see a change? You might have made a typo by accident.

  • Open the Definitions app, then open the Problems tab. Do you see any Severe problems related to Tours?

  • Once you find the problem and fix your contentTypes/tours.yaml file, you will also need to make a small change to the apps/tours.yaml file, just add a space to the end of the file. Now push both of these files to git.

  • Then logout of your Author instance (menu at the top right) and log back in. The problem will be fixed.


Now you know how to deploy your changes to yourhosted magnolia-trials.com instance.

Create new projects

To start new projects, you can create additional new light modules in the light-modules directory.

In the pages app, you can create additional hierarchies of pages. And thanks to the Multi-Site feature, you can map different domain names to each one.

We’ll start to cover this in the next tutorial.

Next Steps

Next, follow the Headless Tutorial to quickly level-up on headless development with Magnolia.




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