Incubator modules

This page serves as a springboard to the individual incubator modules. Incubator modules are extensions built by Magnolia and supported by our Professional Services department.

Incubator modules are developed and supported by Magnolia Professional Services. They have typically been developed in close collaboration with customers to meet requirements not covered by the core product. Now you can benefit from these useful features in your projects as well. However, you must assume some risk as the modules have not been through a rigid development process.

General information

  • Licensing

  • Support

  • Issues

Only available to Magnolia Enterprise customers.

Our MLA is friendly and includes access to the source code. All extensions are covered by this agreement.

See also the GPL.

Incubator modules are supported by the Magnolia Professional Services team. It is crucial to be aware that incubator modules supported by Magnolia Professional Services are based on commercially reasonable efforts only, meaning the team is not bound to fix any bug or issue right away. The estimated completion time could be defined, but no guarantee is made.

Please, open a ticket in the appropriate Jira project.

Module list

The list below shows each incubator module and the versions of Magnolia with which it’s compatible.

Module 6.2 6.1 5.7 5.6

Adyen Connector module

Algolia E-commerce connector

Backend Live - Extensions for Javascript Models 2


Backup Extended module

B-FY Connector module

Bitbucket module

Bot Protection module

Campaign manager module

CDN Helper module

CDP integration framework

Celum DAM Connector module

Cloudinary External DAM module introduction

Commenting module

Configuration Injection module

Content Diff module

Content Exporter module

Content Locking module

Content Translation Extended module

Content Type models

Custom CSS module

Customer Journey Mapping module

Content Recommender module

DALL-E light module

Dotdigital Integration module

Image Focal module

E-commerce Category Sync

Elasticsearch provider module

Extended Health Check module

Form module

Freeze module





Frontify DAM connector

Fullstory Integration module

Hooks API module

Hybrid Assets module

Image placement module

Instrumentation module

JavaScript UI module

Language Availability module

Link Mapper module

Linkmapper Shared Database module

Magnolia Search Index Feeder module

Microsoft DAM Connector module

Migration Tool module

Multi Assets Upload module

Netlify Integration module

AI Accelerator module

Periscope Control module

Publication Task Config

Public User Registration Database module

REST Proxy module

RMQ Publication module

SEO module

Shop module

Six Eye Workflow module

Slack Integration module

SSO Login Extension module

Task Email Notifications module

Tasks cleaner module

Throttling Filter module

Two Factor Authentication module

URI Mapping app

URL Translation Module

Veeva DAM Connector module

Version Cleaner module

WeChat Login module

WordAI module

Workflow Extended module





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