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Compatible with Magnolia 6.2.

The Adyen Module enables payments through the Adyen payment platform .

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



This module allows the integration of Adyen’s payment gateway through ready to use component templates.

The main idea of this kind of integration is to be able to sell products without a cart or an e-commerce tool.

For users

From a user’s point of view, business cases can be:

  • A guided sell-through form steps where users could configure the product they are going to buy.

  • A unique product sell where users simply select the product they want to buy.

  • Bying products on Magnolia websites without any e-commerce integration.

For editors

From an editor’s point of view:

  • Editors could configure any product to be sell through form steps, with a single price and/or add-on prices where the last step would be comercia’s checkout page.

  • Editors could configure a product with a single price, which leads directly to adyen’s checkout page.

  • Editors can review/manage orders generated from Magnolia websites. The management is currently done in Adyen’s dashboard.

Payment flow

The drop-in approach has been selected for the integration.

3DS secure authentication version 1 and 2 has been included in the integration.

Adyen REST endpoints

To achieve the Payment flow shown above, implement the following Adyen API operations:


The following components are available by default in travels demo prototype.

All components support i18n for the languages configured in the site definition.

Checkout component

The checkout component is used to make a payment.

checkout component

Several properties can be configured:

  1. Response page: Page to show the payments result (see next component).

  2. Card holder name: Whether the card holder’s name field is going to be shown.

  3. Billing Address: Whether the billing address field is going to be shown.

  4. System locale: Whether the system locale is going to be used to localize the checkout form.

checkout component config

You can optionally override:

  • Currency: Currency to be used for the payment: EUR or any other supported currency code.

  • Value: Fixed amount to be used in the payment.

CSS styles

If you need to configure the components styles you can provide you own css code in the dropin.css file.

Response component

result component

The following properties can be configured:

  • Title: The title to be shown.

  • Success message: Text to be shown when the payment is successful.

  • Fail message: Text to be shown when the payment has failed.

  • Loading message: Text to be shown when the payment is being processed.

result component config

Payment Gateway Configuration

In order to configure the module you just need to go to the module’s config and fill out the following properties:

properties adminui

Table 1. /modules/adyen-connector/config
Property Description


Key configured in Adyen’s account dashboard.


Key configured in Adyen’s account dashboard.


TEST or LIVE depending on the platform you need.


The merchant account you received in Adyen’s registration.


The URL of the authors server. The URL has the form: \http(s)://[ip or domain]:[port]/


The name of the integrator you want to be registered in your payments.


Version Notes


Initial release of the extensions version of the module.


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