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Compatible with Magnolia 6.2.17+.

These extensions provide even more power to frontend developers to extend Magnolia without the need to create and deploy a new Magnolia Java JAR.

Not only that, but these extensions can provide you a roadmap to create your own extensions if the examples here don’t entirely fulfil your use cases.

If you would like to use these existing extensions, please choose the extension from the Navigation or Backend Live Extensions. If you’d like to create your own extensions, then please keep reading.

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

What Is Backend Live

Backend Live Extensions provide you with the ability of creating backend functionality that was before only possible by creating Java modules, Java code, and sometimes complex deployment processes. Now, you can simply write your business logic in a Javascript object, and configure your YAML or JCR configurations to use that. No server redeploys or web server restarts necessary. Simply save the files, and see them in action immediately.

When should I use Backend Live

You can replace almost any functionality that you wish. Magnolia has provided you a handful of modules that you can use, but if those modules don’t fulfill your needs, or you simply have an edge-case that we haven’t provided, you can always follow our guide "Backend Live - Build Your Own Extension".





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