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Compatible with Magnolia 6.2.4.

The URI Mapping App module provides a content app for creating Virtual URI mapping via the user interface instead of pure configuration. It is possible to activate/deactivate and publish the mappings.

  • This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

  • Give the rights to define Uri-Mappings actions to privileged users with sufficient instructions only.

  • Be aware that an incorrect virtual URI mapping can lock you out of your system.

  • Be sure to understand what VirtualUriMappings are about.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



The following are important points to consider:

  • It is not possible to define Uri mappings at the root level, so you must first create a folder.

  • It is not possible to edit or rename a Uri mapping while its active.

  • You can see the active state of the Uri mapping in the 'active' column.

  • To activate/deactivate the Uri mapping, use the corresponding Action from the Actionbar.

If you publish a active Uri mapping to the public server, the Uri mapping will automatically be activated in public.
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