Magnolia Cloud (Legacy)

Magnolia Cloud (Legacy) is an offering that provides:

  • Magnolia CMS optimized for running in the cloud.

  • A complete application development environment running on AWS.

  • Managed services for enterprise-grade security.

Magnolia offers two cloud bundle variants to suit the needs of our customers and partners:

  • Standard bundle variant focuses on speed and agility for your projects by leveraging Light Development. Your site is hosted in Magnolia Cloud; Magnolia manages the environment as a service.

  • Custom bundle variant is geared toward complex projects that need a high level of customization using both Light Development and Java custom modules.


Get started

If you are new to Magnolia Cloud, we suggest you get familiar with the cockpit user interface, follow our simple tutorial or gain some deeper understanding into how we manage domains and certificates and what our development workflows look like.

If you are a partner using a custom cloud bundle, we suggest you take a look at our best practices for creating and deploying custom bundles and get up to speed with what monitoring and logging information we provide.

See the Cloud changelog to keep up-to-date with additions and changes to our cloud offer.


Developing for Magnolia in the cloud: An overview of the streamlined development workflows for standard and custom bundles.

Creating and deploying custom cloud bundles: For custom cloud bundles certain best practices must be followed when creating your project and deploying it to the cloud.

image Tutorial: Simple hello cloud tutorial that takes you through developing a light module locally, sending your code to Magnolia cloud via GIT and using the Cockpit to deploy your code to production.

Self-service Cockpit

Cockpit: This self-service tool gives an easy-to-use central point of access and management for your Magnolia Cloud environments.

Managing environments: Learn to manage the environments of your package.

Installing updates: Deploy your development changes from your integration environment all the way to production.

Copy content: Copy content between environments (e.g. from Live to UAT) for testing purposes.


Cloud domains and certificates: Understand how domains and certificates are managed in Magnolia Cloud. There are two main approaches.

Backing up and restoring: Understand how Magnolia backs up your data and how to recover your cloud-based live environment.

Monitoring and logging: Magnolia integrates with Datadog for logging and monitoring services.

Upgrading Magnolia: Upgrade your cloud environments to a new version of Magnolia directly from the cockpit.

Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk

Need help with your cloud deployment of Magnolia? Enter your support requests in our Magnolia Cloud Helpdesk (

Helpdesk ensures 24/7 availability and is your single point of contact for all standard administrative issues such as additional accounts and basic support requests. For advanced services requests, please contact your Customer Account Manager.

The Cloud knowledge base (KB) provides best practices and troubleshooting for common problems you might run into while working with Magnolia Cloud. KB articles are shown in the search results in the Cloud Helpdesk.

See Support for Magnolia cloud customers for more information.


Legacy Cloud



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