Embrace the future of web development with the groundbreaking integration of Vercel into Magnolia DXP. This powerful synergy brings together Vercel’s seamless deployment and scaling capabilities with Magnolia’s robust full-page editing experience for Next.js projects.

With light modules, developers can rapidly prototype using low-code solutions, accelerating the go-to-market process. Plus, our versatile webhook functionality ensures your projects stay reactive and synchronized with your dynamic content needs.

Elevate your web presence

Don’t just build—innovate and lead with Vercel and Magnolia DXP, where cutting-edge performance meets unmatched user experience.

How we will integrate with Vercel

We will use a local version of Magnolia to create a new project. We will then proceed to expose this local instance to the internet using LocalTunnels. Once this is done we will add the public URL to Vercel to connec the two.


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