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Compatible with Magnolia 6.2.

The Migration tool module helps you migrate Magnolia definitions from the Magnolia 5.x UI to the Magnolia 6.2 UI.

Currently, only Dialogs are supported for migration.

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



This module includes a content app called migration tool, which is registered in the Edit menu:

migration tools icon

The app lists all definitions with UI5 elements registered in Magnolia:

migration tools adminui

Definitions can be filtered out by:

  • Title

  • Module

  • Origin

  • Problem Severity

A single definition can be previewed before and after the migration:

  • Before migration (5 UI)

  • After migration (6 UI)

preview before migration
preview after migration

Do it all at once

The migration of all definitions can be done at once with the action Migrate Dialogs.

migration dialogs action


All definitions will be saved as YAML files inside the light modules registered folder, in a subfolder called "migration". Inside this folder there will be a subfolder for each module that contains a migrated definition and the YAML will be inside.


~/magnolia/light-modules/migration $ tree .
├── angularEndpoints-light-module
│   └── dialogs
│       └── components
│           ├── edwin.yaml
│           ├── edwinDouble.yaml
│           ├── edwinLink.yaml
│           ├── edwinLinkContent.yaml
│           ├── edwinLinkPath.yaml
│           ├── edwinMultiText.yaml
│           ├── edwinMultivalue.yaml
│           ├── edwinOption.yaml
│           ├── edwinSelect.yaml
│           ├── edwinSwitchable.yaml
│           └── edwinUpload.yaml
├── commenting-app
│   └── dialogs
│       ├── edit.yaml
│       └── view.yaml

Dialog yaml

The converted YAML files will include as comments the original definition and the decorations processed. Example converted definition:

label: Test Dialog Decorated 2
width: medium
  name: Test Dialog Decorated 2
  - name: doubleText
    label: Test Title
    type: java.lang.Double
    converterClass: com.vaadin.data.converter.StringToDoubleConverter
    $type: textField
# form:
#   label: Test Dialog
#   tabs:
#     - name: tabMain
#       label: Test Content
#       fields:
#         - name: doubleText
#           fieldType: text
#           label: Test Title
#           type: Double
# actions:
#   commit:
#     label: save changes
#     class: info.magnolia.ui.admincentral.dialog.action.SaveDialogActionDefinition
#   cancel:
#     label: cancel
#     class: info.magnolia.ui.admincentral.dialog.action.CancelDialogActionDefinition
# Decorations found:
# /test-module1/decorations/test-module/dialogs/components/dialog.yaml/
# /test-module2/decorations/test-module/dialogs/components/dialog.yaml/


Version Notes


Decorations processed included as part as the converted YAML file.


Initial release of the module.





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