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Why Magnolia?

Magnolia is the headless CMS that’s as great for content authors as it is for developers.

You’re probably choosing to go headless for a fast, productive and fun development experience and in order to have a tidy, decoupled and maintainable system. ✔️

But when you roll out your content authoring tool to your client, will they like it? Will they understand it? How much training will they need? Will they be able to manage everything themselves - not needing to come back to you on a regular basis for small changes?

Magnolia gives you the tools to empower content authors. (And make them happy! 😃)

  • Content apps provide standard form-based content editing (as you know from every headless CMS.)

  • Visual SPA Editor allows authors to work directly in the experience with a WYSIWYG page builder.

  • Trees Intrinsic support for hierarchies of content. Everyone understands trees.

  • IUX (Integrated User Experience) allows you to surface content, information and controls from other systems directly into the Magnolia authoring experience, to give authors the tools they need right where and when they need it.

  • Connectors and deep integration capabilities, it’s the foundation of Magnolia, and what makes it so good for taking a Best of Breed approach.

Learn more about us and our customers on the Magnolia Website.

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