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Compatible with Magnolia 5.7.

The Hybrid Assets module allows you to store your asset metadata in the Magnolia JCR DAM, but store the actual asset content outside of Magnolia in an external content store.

Hybrid assets are suited to:

  • very large assets, such as video or large images, that may not be easily stored in the JCR DAM

  • storing asset content in outside of Magnolia in a store that does not support full asset metadata, such as the Amazon S3 Connector module

  • external storage that cannot support the full DAM API

  • acting as a federated DAM with all asset entities and their metadata stored in one place while asset content is spread over storage locations and sources, including the Magnolia JCR DAM itself

The hybrid assets module can transfer asset content between several external storage locations and the Magnolia JCR DAM and can import assets in external storage into the JCR DAM.

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



Extensions to the Assets app

The Hybrid Asset module adds workbench actions to the Assets app:

  • Link external content - allows you create a hybrid asset linked to content stored in an external content store

  • Export content - transfers the content from an existing asset to a designated location in an external content store

  • Import external content - transfers the content of a hybrid asset whose content is stored in an external content store back into the Magnolia JCR DAM.

  • Refresh external content - updates a hybrid asset to force any stored images (like thumbnails) of the asset to be updated. This is useful when the linked external content has been updated.

Linking to external content

The Hybrid Assets module can do more than exporting asset content outside of Magnolia. It can also use the Extended S3 connector to browse Amazon S3 storage using different credentials and create hybrid assets from content already residing outside of Magnolia.

Hybrid assets under the hood

Storing asset content outside of Magnolia with hybrid assets is controlled by two configurable components: the reference factory and one or more external content stores. The reference factory determines where the content for an asset will be stored and the content stores handle the storing and retrieving of content outside of Magnolia.

Reference factory

The hybrid asset reference factory determines where the content of a hybrid asset will be stored. The reference factory can choose different locations for the content of an asset based on:

the JCR workspace of the asset the path of the asset the value of an asset property the mime type of an asset You can define multiple "mappings" in the reference factory. Each mapping defines a template for the destination of the asset content and voters that will determine if the mapping will be used to generate the destination of the content for a given asset

See External reference factory for more on configuring the reference factory and mappings.

External content stores

External content stores simply store asset content outside of Magnolia and allows hybrid assets to read and write their content. You define external content stores as part of your Hybrid Asset module configuration.

An external content must be configured with:

  • access credentials for the external store

  • specify what content the content store will read and write

See External content stores for more on configuring the content stores.


Version Notes


Initial release of the module.





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