Image placement module


Incubator (services)






Compatible with Magnolia 6.1.

The Image Placement module enables you to see the image utilization of the assets stored in the magnolia dam. It shows you how often an image is placed as well as when it was placed the last time.

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



dam app

Scanned workspaces

As per default, the following workspaces are scanned:

  • pages

  • stories

If you wish to add more, you need to add them here /modules/image-placement/config/workspaceConfig.

add workspaces

Scanned properties

As per default, the module scan only the following node properties for image references:

  • contact

  • image

  • link

  • teaserImg

If you have image data linked in other node properties, you need to add them at: /modules/dependencies/config/referenceProperties.

Dependencies tab

You can add the dependencies tab into the DAM app editor: `/modules/dam-app/apps/assets/subApps/detail/editor/form/tabs `.

There is a sample file in the bootstrap samples folder: config.modules.dam-app.apps.assets.subApps.detail.editor.form.tabs.tabDependencies.xml.

The sample file only display dependencies for the following workspaces:

  • pages

  • stories

If you wish to add more, you need to add them here: /modules/dam-app/apps/assets/subApps/detail/editor/form/tabs/tabDependencies/fields/referencesTo/references.

Post process

In case you install this module after assigning images, you can use the groovy script imagePlacementProcessor for indexing the images accordingly.

groovy script


Version Notes