Microsoft Sharepoint DAM Connector module


Incubator (services)





Compatible with Magnolia 6.2.

The Microsoft Sharepoint DAM Connector is an app which provide functionality to use assets from (Sharepoint, OneDrive) in Magnolia.

This module is at the INCUBATOR level.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:


Modules using the @Cacheable annotation from addon-commons (info.magnolia.addon.commons.cache.annotation.Cacheable) do not currently work with Java 17.



This module uses two authentication flows to access Microsoft assets:

Client Credentials

Client Credentials flow is the default/main/mandatory. For Microsoft Asset App to be able to access Microsoft assets we need to configure the module properly. Please provide the parameters below:

For more information, see Client Credentials.
  • tenantId

  • clientId

  • clientSecret

These properties can be provided directly in module configuration yaml file, or we can provide the path to the keystore property.

In the following example these properties are stored in the keystore workspace (passwords app) and we provide the path to the location of these properties:

tenantId: '/microsoft-credentials/default/tenantId'
clientId: '/microsoft-credentials/default/clientId'
clientSecret: '/microsoft-credentials/default/clientSecret'
impersonate: false
Values stored in the passwords app

values in passwords app

Username and Password

Username/Password authentication flow is optional. This authentication flow can be enabled/disabled. By default, this authentication flow is disabled. To enable this flow set impersonate configuration property to true.

tenantId: '/microsoft-credentials/default/tenantId'
clientId: '/microsoft-credentials/default/clientId'
clientSecret: '/microsoft-credentials/default/clientSecret'
impersonate: true

Once enabled module will try to impersonate the current magnolia user with Microsoft credentials provided in passwods app (keystore workspace).

The Module will search for username, password, clientId properties in the keystore workspace under path:

'/microsoft-credentials/[curent username]/clientId'
'/microsoft-credentials/[curent username]/username'
'/microsoft-credentials/[curent username]/password'
If these properties exists, for example

passwords app user

This module will login to Microsft Graph with delegated user privileges.


Version Notes


Initial release of the module.


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