Magnolia PaaS Changelog

The Changelog documents the notable changes, fixes, and features for Magnolia PaaS for the current year of 2023.

For previous years, see the Changelog archives.


Magnolia 6.2.34

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.34 are available.


April brings several improvements and updates related to Magnolia PaaS.

Configure redirects settings

You can now configure redirects settings directly in the Cockpit. This allows you to choose either the default backend configuration or a frontend redirect server which will distribute traffic to the servers.

  1. In your Cockpit, go to Content delivery > Redirects (tab).

  2. Click the Redirects settings button.

  3. In the dialog, choose the settings that best suit your needs.

    1. Under Redirects server, choose Backend or Frontend .

      If choosing Frontend, you’ll need to pass the port number you want to use, such as 8080.

    2. Under Load balancing, choose Round Robin or Cookie based load balancing.

      If choosing Cookie based, you’ll need to give the cookie a name.

  4. Don’t forget to save your updates.

For more on this topic, check out our dedicated redirects section.

Magnolia 6.2.33

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.33 are available.

Cockpit options for all CDN customers

All customers regardless of CDN can now avail of the following tabs in Content Delivery section of the Cockpit.

Previously, these features were only available to customers using Fastly as their CDN.

Redirects are now editable

You can now edit redirects directly from the Cockpit.

For more on this topic, check out our dedicated redirects section.

Fastly Image Optimizer

Customers using Fastly as their CDN can now make use of the Image Optimizer (IO) feature.

For more on this topic, check out our dedicated Fastly Image Optimizer page.

Fastly NextGen WAF

To further improve upon our WAF feature, we’re happy to announce the NextGen WAF has been released into production. See Fastly’s NextGen WAF page for more information from Fastly.

To see dedicated WAF information in the Cockpit, check out our dedicated section WAF section.


Magnolia 6.2.32

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.32 are available.

Magnolia 6.2.31

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.31 are available.

Magnolia 6.2.30

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.30 are available.

Magnolia 6.2.29

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.29 are available.


Create redirects from the Cockpit

You can now add redirects directly from your Cockpit.

  1. Go to Content delivery > Redirects.

  2. Select the desired Cluster from the dropdown list.

  3. Select the desired Environment from the dropdown list.

  4. Add a single redirect or import a redirect CSV file.

    • Add redirect

    • Add redirects (CSV)

    1. Click Add redirect.

    2. In the dialog, fill out the following.

      1. The Source URL. This is the place to redirect from.

      2. The Target URL. This is the place to redirect to.

      3. The Code. This is the http status code passed with the redirect. Only 3xx http codes are acceptable.

      4. Click Add redirect to complete the action.

    1. Click Add redirects (CSV).

    2. Click Choose File to import a CSV file for redirects.

      Source,Target,Code (1)
      1 Only 3xx http codes are acceptable.
    3. Select your file.

    4. Click Add redirects (CSV) to complete the action.

Check out the redirects docs here for more details on prerequisites and good-to-knows.

Create cache rules from the Cockpit

You can add cache rules from your Magnolia PaaS Cockpit. Caching reduces requests to Magnolia which helps reduce heavy processing loads and improves performance.

Expand the image here to see the different parts of adding a rule in the Cockpit and is applicable to both cache types.

Rule anatomy

cache rule anatomy

  1. Add a new rule. Once you click this, a new rule is added to the top of the list.

  2. Naming your rule.

  3. Choosing the cache type which is Never or a duration (in minutes).

  4. Add a voter.

  5. Save changes to your rules. This saves changes to Author.

  6. Publish rules to production. This saves changes to Public.

  7. Move rule up or down. Remember the first to match is accepted.

  8. Delete a rule.

See the cache section on the CDN page for more on creating cache rules.

Updated Helm chart version

We have updated the Helm chart version.

The latest helm chart version is 1.7.0.

Check out the Magnolia helm repo for more details.


Magnolia 6.2.28

Release notes for Magnolia 6.2.28 are available.

Upload certificates

You can now upload your certificates directly in the Cockpit.

add cert
For more, check out the certificates section.

Updated Helm chart version

We have updated the Helm chart version.

The latest helm chart version is 1.7.0.

Check out the Magnolia helm repo for more details.