Connect to Fastly

Soon, you will be able to connect to Fastly via the Cockpit. However, at the moment, you must manually connect to Fastly. This page provides instructions on how to do that.

Manually connecting to Fastly

These instructions guide you on manually connecting to Fastly.


  1. First, get the domain to connect to Fastly and configure it in the DNS server:     IN  CNAME     IN  A     IN  A     IN  A     IN  A     IN  AAAA    2a04:4e42::644     IN  AAAA    2a04:4e42:200::644     IN  AAAA    2a04:4e42:400::644     IN  AAAA    2a04:4e42:600::644
  2. Then, create a new text record and paste in the unique ID that we provide you to verify that you own the domain. 0 IN CNAME