Feature environments

If your Magnolia PaaS project requires that you have different environments than the default 3 environments (dev, uat, prod), you can configure your .gitlab-ci.yml file to have whatever environments you like.

A typical use-case for this would be temporary feature environments where you work on a new feature or improvement that you want to see fully before it goes into uat and onto prod. You can do this by ensuring your .gitlab-ci.yml file is configured to reflect the name of those environments.

Once configured in the .gitlab-ci.yml file, you can easily view and manage your environments directly from the Cockpit.


To create a feature environment:

  1. Create a new cluster (if needed). Otherwise, use an existing cluster.

  2. On your desired cluster, create a kubernetes namespace with your temporary environment name.

  3. Add the environment to your .gitlab-ci.yml file to ensure it’s part of your pipeline.

  4. Make sure you add the environment to your values.yml file.



  extends: .deploy
    - export DEPLOYMENT=FEATURE (1)
    - export LE_ENVIRONMENT=letsencrypt-prod
    - cat values.yml | gomplate > ${DEPLOYMENT}.yml
    - cat ${DEPLOYMENT}.yml
    - helm upgrade -i ${DEPLOYMENT} mironet/magnolia-helm --version ${HELM_CHART_VERSION} -f ${DEPLOYMENT}.yml --create-namespace -n ${DEPLOYMENT}
    name: dev
  when: manual

1 Specify the name of the environment in the DEPLOYMENT property.