Enum data source

The enum data source allows any enum type to be used as a select field data source. By default, it does not provide any component implementation itself other than the one required by select fields.

The enum data source is part of the Magnolia 6 UI framework. The fully qualified class name is info.magnolia.ui.datasource.enumeration.EnumDatasourceDefinition.

If you work with the Magnolia 5 UI framework, see Content connector instead.

Example definition

  $type: enumDatasource
  enumeration: info.magnolia.config.source.ConfigurationSourceTypes

List of properties

Property Description

class or $type


Use info.magnolia.ui.datasource.enumeration.EnumDatasourceDefinition for the class property or enumDatasource for the $type shortcut.



Fully qualified class name of the enum type. Examples include info.magnolia.config.source.ConfigurationSourceTypes and info.magnolia.config.registry.DefinitionProvider$Problem$SeverityType.


optional, default is enum

Name of the data source.

Data source components

Module component mappings can be defined in the context of the current data source (a component section should have an id in the form of <id>datasource-<ds-name></id>, where <ds-name> is configured in the definition).

Type Implementation Description



Provides delegates required by select fields.

Component mappings in module descriptor