Message storage

Messages are stored in the messages workspace. Each user has its own subnode under the workspace root.

    cleared true
    id 2
    message Revised the abstract. Please review.
    messageView workflow:workflow
    messageType WORKITEM
    sender eric
    subject Publication request for page /travel/about/careers
    timestamp 1377865432883
    workitemId 1377264630284

The numbered nodes (0, 1, 2 etc.) under the users are the messages. Their node type is mgnl:systemMessage.

Message properties:

  • cleared. Whether the message has been read or not. true/false

  • id. Identifies the message. The message ID is unique inside the user node.

  • message. Text of the message.

  • messageView. Message view definition name prefixed by the name of the module where the view is configured.

  • messageType. INFO, WORKITEM, WARNING or ERROR. Defined in MessageType.

  • sender. Name of the sending user.

  • subject. Subject line.

  • timestamp. Time when the message was sent.

  • workItemId. For workflow messages, an ID of the workitem.


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