Notifications app

The Notifications app provides users with relevant runtime information about the system. To open the app, click the down arrow in the Notifications box in the upper-right corner of the screen. The notification counter displays only new notifications. A green dot only appears next to the counter if there are unread notifications.

Notification types

The app displays the following notification types:

  • image Error: Reports severe problems that have occurred, typically system errors.

  • image Info: Informs the user about a change in a situation.

  • image Warning: Warns the user that the system has detected a condition requiring attention or intervention.

App’s tabs

In the Notifications | New tab, new notifications are marked with a green dot in the New column. The Info tab shows only info notifications, while the Problems tab shows only warnings and errors.

In all the tabs you can:

  • Sort notifications by clicking the column header.

  • Open a notification by double-clicking it.

  • Delete notifications using the Delete notification action.

Notification banners

When you are working in Magnolia apps, notifications pop up as banners at the top of the screen just beneath the Find bar. Here are the banner types you can see:

  • Error

  • Info

  • Warning

Storage of notifications

Magnolia stores notifications separately for each user in the messages workspace. Every notification is persisted unless the user deletes it in the Notifications app using the Delete notification action.