REST Client app

Magnolia REST Client app allows testing of configured REST clients.


The app is installed by the Rest Client module and with the exception of magnolia-tomcat-barebone is included in all Magnolia 6.2 preconfigured Magnolia bundles.


To test a configured REST client:

  1. Open the app by clicking its tile in the Dev group of the App launcher.

  2. In the Rest client field, select a configured client. If the client already includes a pre-configured REST call definition, a note about this will be displayed just below the field. One or more of the following configuration fields and options will be either shown or hidden depending on the extent of the actual configuration:

    • Rest calls. The call to be executed on the given client

    • Rest service. The REST service class name. (NOTE: Configure pre-seeded services under /module/rest-client-app/config/serviceClasses.)

    • Service method. The method to be executed on the given client.

    • Method annotations. The annotations of the service method and method parameters of the selected REST client. The parameter without annotations is the request body.

    • Method parameters. The service method parameters or the queryParameters and defaultValues of the call. Enter one per line. Leave the line for the body parameter empty.

    • Authentication. The options are None, Basic and Bearer, with the last two requiring additional configuration data: Username and Password (Basic), and Token (Bearer).

    • Request body. An optional request body. The value will be used as the service method parameter without annotations, if present.

  3. Click Send request.The Response field displays the response received from the endpoint.

Example configuration

    method: get
    entityClass: java.lang.String
    path: /volumes/brief/isbn/{isbn}.json

Use the Definitions app to check that your REST client definition has been registered in the instance.