App Launcher

The App Launcher is there to help you navigate Magnolia more easily. Three UI aspects drive this navigation: the App Launcher layout, Favorite Apps, and Favorites Switcher. Many apps exist in Magnolia, and finding the app you want quickly is supported by the App Launcher layout and Favorite Apps section. Being able to locate the apps that you need smoothly saves time and unnecessary headaches creating content.

For authors especially, the App Launcher layout and the Favorite Apps section bring the apps you regularly use to your fingertips without having to scroll up and down looking for them, separating apps into color-coded areas according to whether they are used for authoring or development. In addition, Favorites Switcher allows you to change between favorite apps in a single click. In sum, the App Launcher design enables authors to create engaging digital experiences.

The App Launcher page is shown after login and can be loaded again from any app by clicking on the App Launcher icon mgnl app launcher.

App Launcher layout

The grouping and coloring in the App Launcher layout help you to identify apps based on your role (marketeer/editor vs. developer apps). All your apps are now available at a glance right after you login.

There are two types of layout: classic/compatibility and modern. For more information about these layouts, please go to our migration guide.

To use the modern configuration, define this as a magnolia property magnolia.applauncher.config.compatibility=false in the file

Logging in to the App Launcher

The App Launcher layout includes different colored backgrounds as explained below.

  • A green background indicates favorite apps

  • A grey background indicates marketeer/editor apps

  • A white background indicates developer apps

Please refer to the App Launcher layout section for more information about the App Launcher configuration.

Favorite Apps

The Favorite Apps section allows you to easily access your most frequently used apps. You can add up to 12 favorite apps that will be stored in your profile. If you want to add more, it can be reconfigured. A predefined set is displayed if you have not selected any favorite apps.

New App Launcher backgrounds

Suppose you have an existing installation and choose to migrate to the new App Launcher. In that case, you can see the new UI redesign and may choose whether to keep your existing app grouping or upgrade to the new one.

Adding and removing favorite apps

Using the +/- button, you can add and remove apps to and from the favorite apps section. Changes are saved in your profile and are not lost when you log out of your account. The procedure to add or remove apps is as follows:

  • Click the +/- button

  • Select the apps you want (highlighted grey) or clear the ones you do not want (icons have a white background when they are removed or not selected)

  • Click Save

    Editing favorite apps

Favorites Switcher

To switch between these different contexts quickly without going via the App Launcher, you have the Favorites Switcher. It is a feature always visible at the top of your Magnolia installation. It is next to the App Launcher icon and can be opened by clicking the star icon. It works by showing you your Favorite Apps in a drop-down element. Simply clicking on the app that you want takes you to it.

App switcher

Every user sees the Favorites Switcher. Apps already open are indicated by a dot on the respective app’s icon.