Authoring content

The first step to authoring content is to create your first page in the Pages app. It is the first app in the Favorite apps section after logging in.

Pages app in Favorite apps


  1. Open the app and create a new page using the action bar on the right-hand side.

    Pages app - Add page

Edit your new page by clicking Edit Page in the action bar, and add content via the actions on the right-hand side after selecting a component on the page where you want to place content.

Pages app - Adding content

After clicking the Add component action (in the action bar or its icon in a green bar on the page), the list of components in the dialog is disabled if there are no other components to select. In this case, you’d add only the default one presented in the dialog.

Once you’ve added content, preview how the page would look on the web using the Preview page action.

That was a quick introduction to content authoring in Magnolia. Follow the links listed below to find out more about each part.

  • Editing pages - Explore the different ways to add additional content.

  • Managing pages - Create more pages, organize related content into folders, and manage your content.

  • Managing assets - Use assets to add different media content to your pages.

  • Editing images - Adjust images to the format and level of detail that you want.

  • Feeds - This advanced topic lets you add media feeds to your pages.

  • Finally, some handy shortcuts might help with browsing, selecting, and editing items in Magnolia.


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