Search in Magnolia

Searching for content in Magnolia is done using the Findbar UI or the chooser dialogs within the applications.

Find Bar

The Find Bar is the heart of the Magnolia user interface. It is the central starting point for all your tasks: search through content across apps, open apps, and access items directly. The Find Bar searches and adapts its results in real time as you type. It offers full-text search and precise filters for you to make the most of your content. You can plug in any REST-compliant data source to be able to search through content that is not stored in Magnolia too.

Extend your search

Full-text search across all content

The Find Bar allows you to search across all content search inside and outside Magnolia (federated search, enterprise search). The search covers all Magnolia and custom-content apps, assets and pages. Developers can integrate external datasets using the API.

Start typing in the Find Bar to see search results appear in real time based on the keywords you typed in. Results are pre-sorted by the app as well as by the type of content (e.g. app, page, story, asset or tour).

Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move through search results. Press Enter to open the highlighted result.

The Find Bar automatically recognizes any command you type in. To execute, press Enter.

Suggestions search results

Search for a specific path

Since Magnolia 6.2.2, you can use the Find Bar to search for a specific path. This allows you to reach a target node more quickly than by checking an app’s node tree or by browsing search results supplied for a less specific keyword or phrase.

Searching for a specific path

Customizing the Find Bar

You can configure how many search results are displayed. The configuration is found in the config.yaml file under /modules/admincentral/ in the Resource Files app. Please refer to the Admincentral module documentation for more details and configuration properties.

Configurable Properties

Table 1 below depicts two properties in the Admincentral module that affect the number of results shown.

Table 1. Subset of findBar properties
Property Description


optional, default is 10

Integer defining the maximum number of search results shown from any single search supplier.


optional, default is 3

Integer defining the grid size for content suggestions. Compare below the default setting of 3 on the left and 2 on the right:
Grid comparison


optional, the default is 3

This option defines the minimum number of input characters required before the Find bar initiates a search.

Configuration Instructions

  1. Open the Resource Files app.

  2. Go to the config.yaml file under the admincentral folder.
    Resource Files app

  3. Edit the file and update the properties that you want to change. For example, update defaultCountPerSupplier to 20 if you want to see up to 20 search results.
    Updating the search results display

  4. Save your changes.

In-app searches

Since Magnolia 6.2.6, full-text search is also possible in chooser dialogs of apps that use the JCR data source:

Full-text search

Currently, only a single JCR workspace can be searched.


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