Creating a page based on the template

Hello Magnolia

Now you can use the page template to create a page in the Author instance. After you’re done creating, you can publish the page to the Public instance and share it with others to see (but not modify).

  1. Go to the App launcher and click the Pages tile to open the Pages app:
    The pages icon

  2. Click on Add page in the Action bar on the right-hand side.

  3. In the dialog that appears, name your page hello. As a template, choose the hello, and click Next:
    Add page dialog

  4. In the Page properties dialog, enter Hello Magnolia into the Title and Window title fields. Don’t forget to click Save changes.

  5. In the Pages app, select the Hello Magnolia page and click Preview page on the right to preview it.

  6. Click Publish. You can then access the page on the Public instance of your Magnolia installation via the URL

Final page view

Congratulations! You’ve created your first Magnolia page built on a page template.

Now, let’s enhance the content of the page by adding an editable custom-built quotation component to the area just below the "Hello Magnolia works!" heading.