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The Admincentral module allows you to customize certain functional aspects of the Find Bar, namely configuration of search filters, sizes of search result collections and presentation patterns of content suggestions.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:

The UI Admincentral is a different module. Its groupId is info.magnolia.ui, and its artifactId is magnolia-ui-admincentral. You can use it to configure, for example, the availability and layout of apps in the App launcher.

Findbar configuration

You can configure how many search results are displayed. The configuration is found in the config.yaml file under /modules/admincentral/ in the Resource Files app.

Configurable Properties

In the table below are listed properties in the Admincentral module that affect the showing of search results.

Table 1. Subset of findBar properties
Property Description


optional, default is 10

Integer defining the maximum number of search results shown from any single search supplier.



List of user roles allowed in the Last editor search filter:
List of authorized user roles

All users are available unless specified otherwise.

By allowing all user roles in editorRoles, you may experience performance issues, especially when a large number of public users are registered in a shared user repository on the author instance and you open a Find Bar filter.


optional, default is 3

Configure the minimum number of necessary characters that are shown in a text hint in the find bar to help the user understand how to use the search feature.
Findbar with text hint



List of search result suppliers. If undefined, it defaults to all suppliers provided by the Periscope module.


optional, default is apps, pages, stories, assets, tours

List defining the ordering of search result groups.

Configuration Instructions

  1. Open the Resource Files app.

  2. Go to the config.yaml file under the admincentral folder.
    Resource Files app

  3. Edit the file and update the properties that you want to change. For example, update defaultCountPerSupplier to 20 if you want to see up to 20 search results.
    Updating the search results display

  4. Save your changes.


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