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  • magnolia-dam-jcr

    • Magnolia specific DAM implementation based on JCR.

    • Stores DAM data in the JCR workspace dam.

    • Provides and configures info.magnolia.dam.jcr.JcrAssetProvider.

  • magnolia-dam-imaging

    • The link between magnolia-dam-jcr and the Imaging module.

    • Provides and configures info.magnolia.dam.imaging.ImagingBasedAssetRenderer, which is info.magnolia.dam.api.AssetRenderer based on magnolia-dam-jcr.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:


Magnolia DAM JCR configuration

As mentioned above, the configuration for info.magnolia.dam.jcr.JcrAssetProvider and info.magnolia.dam.imaging.ImagingBasedAssetRenderer is set by their modules. Finally the configuration looks like this:

Magnolia DAM JCR configuration

NoOpAssetRenderer is configured by the DAM Core module.

Displaying asset sizes in the asset browser

In the default configuration, asset sizes are not shown in the asset browser since this information is regarded as less important to content editors. However, you can use the definition decoration mechanism to reconfigure the default column composition and add a column that will display the sizes. The sort-by-size function will be also available through the up/down arrows in the column header.

DAM assets JCR subapp with bytesize column added via definition decoration

To add the column to the default configuration, create a definition decorator file in your light module, as shown in the example below. Use the YAML !override directive to specify the position of the column in the column list.

      - name: tree
        columns: !override
          jcrName: &name
          title: &title
          jcr:content/size: &size
            type: java.lang.Long
            label: Size (bytes)

Searching for DAM JCR assets

Dam assets that are stored in the JCR can be searched for in the Pages app when adding an image component. An example is depicted below.

Searching for DAM JCR images

The full-text search field, which is marked with a magnifying glass, uses an algorithm that includes the following node name search configurations.

  • Contains: checks whether the node name contains the search string

  • StartWith: checks whether the node name starts with the search string

  • None: ignores LocalName search (only full-text search is used)

To configure the node name search, go to the Configuration app and update the value of dam-jcrconfignodeNameSearch to the value that you want (e.g., StartWith). The node name search is not indexed and, therefore, a little slower than the full-text search.

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