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The module handles publishing of content from an author instance to a public instance. In DX Core, the functionality of this module is extended by the Publishing Transactional module, which ensures synchronization of content between multiple public instances.

Content publishing and content synchronization

Always wait with content publishing actions until all content synchronization tasks have been finished.

If you attempt to publish a page while the Synchronization module is mid-sync and has not yet synchronized the page’s parent, the publishing process will fail.

Module structure

The module (parent) consists of four submodules. All of the submodules are required for the correct functioning of the publishing feature.



Parent reactor.


Provides the main functionality.


Handles send operations to the public instance.


Handles receive requests on the public instance.


Generates new publishing keys and provides a publishing monitor.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



Publishing is configured in Configuration > /modules/publishing-core.

Please be very careful when modifying the configuration of publishing and always test the changes thoroughly before applying them to a live environment. Sometimes there may exist a better way of solving a publishing-related problem than by tweaking a publishing configuration.

Main part

The main part of the configuration is under /modules/publishing-core/config.

The main part of the configuration


Sets publication by path (default is by uuid) to configured workspaces.

Publication by path


Defines where the information about publishing is logged. The default implementation (MemoryPublishingStorage) keeps the information in memory.

Publishing storage


Contains the list of receivers where content will be published.

Receivers list


Contains the list of operations provided by Magnolia and the respective operation classes:

  • publish

  • unpublish

  • commit (DX Core only)

  • rollback (DX Core only)

    You can define your own operations and add them to the list, but in this case, you will also have to implement your own send and receive operations. SendOperation is a base interface that all send operations must implement.

With a custom-defined operation, you can publish content to something that is not a Magnolia public instance, for example to a custom API or a Content Delivery Network.

List of operations

lockManagerMode property

The property has been introduced with module version 1.2.6. By default, path-based locking is configured using lockManagerMode=path. Node-based locking can be set with lockManagerMode=compatibility.

The setting is applicable only on public instances. Changing the property on the author instance has no effect.

Publish and unpublish commands

Users typically publish content by clicking Publish in the Action bar. The click executes a publish command which pushes the content from the author instance to the public instance(s). Conversely, when users click Unpublish the system executes an unpublish command which deletes the content from the public instance(s).

The publish and unpublish commands are configured in /modules/publishing-core/commands. The default catalog contains the commands which just publish the content without versioning. Magnolia also provides a versioned command catalog. It contains identically named publish and unpublish commands which first version the content and then delegate to the default commands.

Both in the default catalog and in the versioned catalog, the command tree contains also the activate and deactivate commands (not shown below), which extend the publish and unpublish commands, respectively. The two commands are included in the configuration for compatibility reasons.

To use one of these commands, define the catalog and the command name in the action definition. See an example in Executing commands with actions.

Disabling publishing

If necessary, you can disable publishing on the public instance(s) by adding the enabled node in Configuration > /server/filters/publishing and set its value to false.

How publishing works

For an overview of how publishing works see the Publishing overview page.