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Magnolia comes with a four-eye content approval workflow. You can reconfigure the default workflow to include more approval steps, more participants and decision points. Workflow is configured in the Workflow and Workflow jBPM modules. The workflow engine is based on the JBPM Business Process Management (BPM) Suite.


Magnolia’s workflow implementation consists of four modules.

Four modules

Module Description


An engine-agnostic integration module. Enables the necessary integration points for Magnolia to communicate with a workflow engine.

Workflow jBPM

Magnolia’s jBPM integration module. Takes care of loading BPMN process definitions and workitem handlers. Implements the concepts of RuntimeManager and RuntimeEnvironment from jBPM 7.

Drools JCR persistence

Used for persisting work items and sessions to JCR.

jBPM JCR persistence

Used for persisting processes to JCR.

The Kie modules are heavily inspired by jBPMs own JPA implementation.

Installing with Maven

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:


Be mindful of the version discrepancy between the Workflow modules and the core module.

Compatibility module

If you have custom code relying on classes from the Magnolia 5 UI Workflow module, you must do one of two things:

  • Update your code for the Magnolia 6 UI Workflow module.

  • Use the magnolia-workflow-compatibility module together with the magnolia-core-compatibility and magnolia-diff-compatibility modules.


See Workflow.


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