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Summary of major features delivered by Magnolia in the last two years.

User-based search result ranking

The new User Result Ranker module boosts current Magnolia search result ranking capabilities and helps authors find relevant content even faster.

Head over to the User-based search result ranking section to learn more about how the search results are prioritized.

The User Result Ranker module is bundled with Magnolia DX Core from version 6.2.39 onwards. To add it to an earlier version, please follow the installation instructions in the module page.

New App Launcher

The App Launcher is your new Home, the first screen after login. The new App Launcher comes with a revamped, clean and modern, look and feel. It helps to navigate and click through your new home with more ease.

In the new App Launcher layout, each authoring apps group has a grey background, while dev groups maintain a white background. The grid can be further configured with the help of your developer.

There’s a new Favorite apps group on a green background. The group is user-based, meaning that each user can customize the group according to their preferences and needs. Here you can add/remove your most-used apps without any developer help.

The new Favorites Switcher (next to the Home button) gives you access to your Favorites from anywhere within Magnolia, allowing for faster context switching.

See the App Launcher page for more details. Note that the new App Launcher is only available with Magnolia CMS 6.2.22 onwards.

GraphQL module

Getting content via API’s is the foundation of a Headless CMS approach. The new GraphQL standard for working with content over API empowers frontend developers to be able to get exactly the content that they need from Magnolia.

Due to its standardized approach, it’s easy for developers to start using. This standardization also makes it easier for other systems to connect and integrate with Magnolia.

The GraphQL endpoint is available instantly. For each Magnolia content type in the system, GraphQL types are automatically created. You only need to configure your desired access rights for the content, and the endpoint is ready to use.

The GraphQL endpoint provides access only to Magnolia content types. Content from Pages or Stories is not supported. The REST delivery endpoints are the best suited for these content.

The GraphQL endpoint is read-only. It delivers Magnolia content, it does not support writing or changing Magnolia content.

See the GraphQL module page for more details.

Analytics Connector Pack

Measuring and improving the performance of your website is a universal requirement. The Analytics Connector Pack allows you to connect third-party web analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Matomo (Piwik) to Magnolia.

The typical scenario for using the Analytics Connector Pack is:

  • Track metrics such as visitors and sessions on your Magnolia site using the third-party tool of your choice.

  • The third-party tool tracks events on the site and generates analytics data.

  • Use the Analytics Connector Pack to fetch the analytics reporting data collected by the third-party tool.

  • Display the data in user-friendly charts directly in the Magnolia UI.

  • With the Analytics Connector Pack, marketers and authors can make data-driven decisions about their content without switching tools.

See the 6.1.x release notes on the legacy documentation site for more details.

Live Copy Special Feature

Magnolia’s Live Copy is a powerful tool aimed at authors and marketers who want to easily and quickly manage and share content across multiple websites.

With Live Copy, you manage complex multisite installations by:

  • Quickly creating live copies of master sites.

  • Disabling and enabling updates from master.

Live Copy lets you manage content at both page and component level with a locking/unlocking mechanism and clear visual indicators of the relationship between pages.

See the 6.1.x release notes on the legacy documentation site for more details.

Content Types

Magnolia Content Types allow you to define the content models of your projects in Magnolia, including the properties the types may contain and their relationships to other types of content. Content type items can be managed by a content app. You can define content types in light modules on a running Magnolia system without redeploying the WAR file of your Magnolia instances and without restarting the instance or a module. This makes it a perfect approach for Magnolia Cloud users.

See the 6.1.x release notes on the legacy documentation site for more details.

Data privacy

May 2018 saw the introduction of new European regulations aiming to protect the online rights and data of European citizens. Magnolia introduced new data privacy features making us a GDPR-friendly CMS. We help you manage personal data, track website visitor consent, facilitate data portability and ensure your visitors’ right to be forgotten.

See the 5.7.x release notes on the legacy documentation site for more details.

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