Privacy policy

This privacy policy covers the information we collect through Magnolia CMS as you use the product.

What information we collect

We collect anonymous non-personal usage statistics when you use Magnolia CMS. We collect the information using analytics techniques that exclude any information that might identify you or your organization.

Examples of information we collect and store include:

  • Magnolia version

  • Magnolia edition

  • Instance type (author, public)

  • Module names and versions

Site information

  • List<Site> sites

    • String defaultLocale

    • String fallbackLocale

    • List<String> locales

Module information

  • List<Module> modules

    • String name

    • String version


  • Integer numberOfExecutions

Configuration information

  • String uuid

  • String magnoliaVersion

  • String instanceFallBackLocale

  • String osName

  • String osVersion

  • String osArch

  • String javaVendor

  • String javaVersion

  • String javaRuntimeVersion

  • String serverInfo

  • boolean isAuthor

  • boolean utf8

  • boolean develop

How we use the information

We use the information to make product decisions where knowing real-life usage is helpful:

  • Should we continue to support module X?

  • Is anybody using connector Y?

  • How many clients are on the latest major release?

We want to make informed decisions and dedicate resources to features that benefit as many users as possible.

We don’t share the information

We don’t share the information with any other party. It stays within Magnolia.

Disabling information collection

Administrators can disable the collection of information with a setting in the Magnolia UI.

The feature is enabled by default when you install Magnolia. If you wish to switch it off, open the About Magnolia app and clear the checkbox in the Magnolia Usage Metrics section.