Magnolia Cloud update - September 2017

These changes are available in the latest update of Magnolia in the cloud.

Magnolia CORE

With this update you can use Magnolia CORE 5.5.6 when setting up your environments in the cloud.

Additional modules

We now support the following additional Magnolia modules in our cloud offering:

  • Content Editor module – Produce simple interfaces for rich content. This module comes with the Stories app, an example of a custom content editor that your authors can use to quickly create and publish flexible content in Magnolia.

  • JavaScript Models module – Develop and use models written in JavaScript.

  • Password Manager module – Store passwords in encrypted form and retrieve their plain text value programmatically. This module comes with the Passwords app, which centralizes the management of passwords.

  • Synchronization module – Synchronize a target Magnolia instance with a source instance and publish a large amount of content selectively.

  • Messages App module – Send messages to other users via Pulse.

  • Virtual URI module – Repackaged and updated functionality originally handled by the Virtual URI Manager.

Backup frequency changed

Magnolia now automatically backs up the Live environment once every day, week and month.

Backups include both content and configuration data.

In addition to these automated backups, you can create manual backups. Only the most recent manual backup is stored.

More information about Git commits

During and after the installation of a development snapshot, the Cockpit provides more information about the associated Git commit, such as the committer’s name, commit message and commit date (if based on the latest commit) or tag name (if based on a tag):



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