Magnolia Cloud updates 2022

This page lists the updates for Magnolia Cloud in 2022.


Security policy

To further improve the Cloud offering, we have strengthened the security policy of the load balancer for cloud subscriptions.

We keep the details of security fixes and improvements private in line with our security policy. Contact our Support team if you need more information.

Magnolia 6.2.19

Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.19 are available.


Magnolia 6.2.18

Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.18 are available.


Magnolia 6.2.17

Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.17 are available.

Magnolia Cloud Maven plugin

We released the magnolia-cloud-maven-plugin version 1.1.1 which contains the following fixes:

  • Limit characters in custom bundle IDs to contain only lowercases and dashes.


Magnolia 6.2.16

Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.16 are available.