Commerce Connector Pack

The CMS functionality of a specialized e-commerce platform is often limited and costly to extend.

With the Commerce Connector Pack, you connect your e-commerce solution to Magnolia CMS to fulfill your needs with powerful templating while retaining the strong cataloging features offered by your e-commerce solution.

Magnolia also communicates shopping cart and order information with your e-commerce solution over a REST API.

Magnolia provides out-of-the-box connectors to the following third-party solutions:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento)

  • commercetools Commerce Platform

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (certified connector)

  • SAP Commerce Cloud (certified connector, formerly Hybris)

E-commerce connector diagram

Integrate and view your e-commerce content

The Commerce Connector Pack enables you to pull your catalogs of products and categories from your existing e-commerce solution into Magnolia with minimal configuration required. You can then use the out-of-the-box templating function to create templates and render your e-commerce content on your website.

The Commerce Connector Pack provides an E-commerce app so that editors and marketers can display the content retrieved.

Catalogs, categories and their products are searchable in Magnolia using the Find bar. You can also enable Magnolia’s AI-powered image recognition and text classification features to improve findability.

E-commerce app

Choose and use your e-commerce content in Magnolia

Marketers can use out-of-the box page template and components provided in the Magnolia Pages app to get started.

Add page component

A user-friendly product and category chooser lets you pick content from your third party e-commerce solution directly in the Magnolia interface.

Catalogs, categories and their products are searchable in Magnolia using the Find Bar.

Product chooser dialog

REST API shopping cart feature

Magnolia acts as a bridge between the cart feature on your e-commerce website and the integrated e-commerce solution.

When a customer adds a product to their cart online or proceeds to checkout, Magnolia communicates that information to your source e-commerce platform so that your stock is updated, orders sent and so on.

E-commerce cart diagram

Magnolia manages both guest carts and authenticated carts. We provide a full REST API to handle interaction between the cart, Magnolia and your e-commerce solution.

The REST API also allows you to get data on products and categories, making it suitable for headless implementations.

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